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The Return of Flash Mountain to Disneyland

  According to TIME, Suzi Brown, spokeswoman for Disneyland, has confirmed that several employees have been reassigned. They were previously in charge of scanning through photographs taken on Splash Mountain, Tower of Terror, California Screamin’, and Space Mountain, for any signs of nudity or vulgar expressions. The company began screening 10 years ago.

Disney’s Terrifying Tower of Terror Gets Sued

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Leanne Deacon is suing Disney for at least $15,000. She claims that a heart attack/stroke that she suffered in 2005 occured after riding the Tower of Terror and were caused by the ride. During her 2005 trip, she rode it several times until, after one trip, she had a […]

Woman Sues Disney for Not Letting Her Ride

ABC 9 is reporting that a Central Florida woman was limited to the number of times she could ride the Tower of Terror even though she had a prescription that said the ride helped her with her abdominal adhesions. Denise Mooty needed several surgeries a year before discovering that riding the ride relieved the pain and cut […]