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Disney World and the Hurricane Watch (TD Ana, Hurricane Bill)

If you’ve checked the latest weather news, you probably saw that the first two named storms of the season have formed: Ana and Bill. Both are out in the Atlantic Ocean on their way to the Florida coast. Ana has run aground in the Caribbean and is weakining. If she curves northward, she might dump […]

This Week in Disney History (March 22-28)

1901: Animator, and Disney Legend, Ub Iwerks is born Ubbe Ert Iwerks in Kansas City, Missouri. 1907: Composer Leigh Harline (Pinocchio, Snow White) is born in Salt Lake City, Utah. 1909: Animator, Disney Legend, and one of the “Nine Old Men”, Milt Kahl is born in San Fransisco, CA. 1912: Actor Wilfrid Brambell (Willie Bannock in The Three […]

Disney’s Terrifying Tower of Terror Gets Sued

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Leanne Deacon is suing Disney for at least $15,000. She claims that a heart attack/stroke that she suffered in 2005 occured after riding the Tower of Terror and were caused by the ride. During her 2005 trip, she rode it several times until, after one trip, she had a […]

Disney Wants You in Their Hotels

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that there will be significant hotel discounts in the first six months of 2009 after reporting a decline in profits. For these months, guests can receive a deal that was last offered in 2003: seven nights in Disney World for the price of 4. Those who book vacations-by December 20-for […]

Disney World and the Hurricane Watch (TS Hanna)

Many people have heard of the Twin Storms, but it doesn’t appear Hanna will follow in Gustav’s steps. Instead, she’s projected to flow up the eastern coast of Florida, hitting WDW, and then making landfall on the Georgia Coast. It will approach WDW around Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Stay tuned to, or […]

Disney World and the Hurricane Watch

If you’re planning a trip to WDW during the next week, keep an eye on the weather. Tropical Storm Fay (Soon to be Hurricane Fay) is set to ride straight up the Floridian Peninsula and into Georgia. Therefore, all major cities in the state should keep an eye out for the storm to come ripping […]

High School Musical 3–Let the Invasion Begin!

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Disney’s Hollywood Studios will unveil the “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” parade on October 24, to correlate with the release of the film in theaters. In order to get ready for the new parade, the “High School Musical 2: School’s Out” parade will stop running on September 13. […]