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Teen Queen Suing Disney

ABC and Disney are being sued for $100,000,000 by Alicia Guastaferro, the “princess of pagentry”  for emotional harm (i.e. suicidal thoughts, school transfers, death threats, and a reduction in intellectual performance, among others) caused by appearing on ABC’s “Wife Swap” program as well as claiming that the producers staged certain scenes (e.g. asking Guastaferro to […]

Walt Disney Animation to Invade ABC

According to USA Today, Walt Disney Animation is scheduled to make its first television special for the ABC Television network. The program, labeled Prep and Landing is due out near Christmas time and was created by Chris Williams and produced by John Lasseter. Prep and Landing focuses on the North Pole Christmas Eve Command Center where elves […]

Netcot #139 – Studios

News links and resources from this episode: Marty Sklar, long time Disney executive, has been with the company for 53 years and will retire July 17th. Disney is going to plant 2.7 million trees based on how many people saw their movie “Earth” on opening weekend. Disney purchased which includes a suite of websites […]

Pie Fans (and others too) Get Closure

According to, ABC will air all three remaining episodes of Pushing Daisies as well as the final four episodes of Eli Stone and Dirty, Sexy Money. Starting May 30 at 10, join the workers of the Pie Hole for their last few adventures. Once that run wraps up, Eli Stone will take the time […]

Disney and YouTube

The Walt Disney Company’s television group said today that they would make shorter versions of various content available on YouTube. The company wants to use YouTube as a way to help promote their shows, but not replace the purpose of their own site, which offers full versions of many shows for a period of […]


Bloomberg News is reporting that the Tokyo Broadcasting System is suing ABC for copyright issues pertaining to the network’s hit summer show “Wipeout”. So far, TBS is claiming that the summer sensation violated copyright issues on three of its Japanese shows. Stay tuned to for updates on this story.