It takes many talented people to make Netcot run smoothly.

Founders — Van and Chainsaw
Co-Producers — Robert Watts and Jim Bloom
Production Designer — Norman Reynolds
Director Of Photography — Alan Hume
Editors — Sean Barton, Marcia Lucas and Duwayne Dunham
Visual Effects — Richard Edlund, Dennis Muren A.S.C. and Ken Ralston
Costume Designers — Aggie Guerard Rodgers and Nilo Rodis-Jamero
Mechanical Effects Supervision — Kit West
Make-Up And Creature Design — Phil Tippett and Stuart Freeborn
Sound Design — Ben Burtt
Music By — John Williams
First Assistant Director/ Second Unit Director — David Tomblin
Casting — Mary Selway Buckley
Location Director Of Photography — Jim Glennon
Additional Photography — Jack Lowin
Production Sound — Tony Dawe and Randy Thom
Supervising Music Editor — Kenneth Wannberg
Music Recording — Eric Tomlinson
Orchestrations — Herbert W. Spencer
Chief Articulation Engineer — Stuart Ziff
Production Supervisor — Douglas Twiddy
Production Executive — Robert Latham Brown
Unit Production Manager — Miki Herman
Assistant Production Manager — Patricia Carr
Associate To Producer — Louis G. Friedman
Conceptual Artist — David Russell and Ralph McQuarrie
Art Directors — Fred Hole and James Schoppe
Set Decorators — Michael Ford and Harry Lange
Property Master — Peter Hancock
Chief Hairdresser — Patricia McDermott
Stunt Co-Ordinator — Glenn Randall
Stunt Arranger — Peter Diamond
Production Controller — Arthur Carroll
Production Accountant — Margaret Mitchell
Second Assistant Directors — Roy Button, Michael Steele, Chris Newman and Russell Lodge
Production Assistant — Ian Bryce
Production Co-Ordinator — Lata Ryan
Co-Ordination Assistants — Sunni Kerwin and Gail Samuelson
Script Supervisor — Pamela Mann
Location Script Supervisor — Bob Forest
Location Casting — Dave Eman and Bill Lytle
Assistant To Mr. Kazanjian — Kathleen Hartney
Assistant To Mr. Bloom — John Syrjamaki Ross
Assistant To Mr. Lucas — Jane Bay
Assistant Art Directors — Michael Lamont, John Fenner and Richard Dawking
Set Dresser — Doug Von Koss
Construction Manager — Bill Welch
Assistant Construction Manager — Alan Booth
Construction Supervisor — Roger Irvin
General Foreman — Bill Iiams
Construction Foremen — Greg Callas, Guy Clause, Doug Elliott and Stan Wakashige
Paint Foreman — Gary Clark
Sketch Artist — Roy Carnon
Scenic Artist — Ted Michell
Decor And Lettering Artist — Bob Walker
Set Draftsmen — Reg Bream, Mark Billerman and Chris Campbell
Production Buyer — David Lusby
Construction Storeman — David Middleton
Operating Cameramen — Alec Mills, Tom Laughridge and Mike Benson
Focus Pullers — Michael Frift and Chris Tanner
Assistant Cameramen — Leo Napolitano and Bob La Bonge
Second Assistant Cameramen — Simon Hume, Steve Tate, Martin Kenzie and Michael Glennon
Gaffers — Mike Pantages and Bob Bremner
Aerial Photography — Ron Goodman and Margaret Herron
Helicopter Pilot — Mark Wolfe
Key Grip — Dick Dova Spah
Best Boy — Joe Crowley
Dolly Grip — Chunky Huse and Reg Hall
Matte Photography Consultant — Stanley Sayer
Rigging Gaffers — Clark Garland and Tommy Brown
Chief Make-Up Artists — Tom Smith and Graham Freeborn
Make-Up Artists — Peter Robb King, Dickie Mills, Kay Freeborn and Nick Dudman
Hairdressers — Mike Lockey and Paul Le Blanc
Assistant Articulation Engineer — Eben Stromquist
Armature Designer — Peter Ronzani
Plastic Designer — Richard Davis
Sculptural Designers — Chuck Wiley and James Howard
Key Sculptors — Dave Carson, Tony McVey, Dave Sosalla, Judy Elkins and Derek Howarth
Chief Moldmaker — Wesley Seeds
Moldmaker — Ron Young
Creature Technicians — Randy Dutra, Kirk Thatcher, Dan Howard, James Isaac, Brian Turner, Jeanne Lauren, Richard Spah, Jr. and Ethan Wiley
Creature Consultants — Jon Berg and Chris Walas
Production/ Creature Co-Ordinator — Patty Blau
Latex Foam Lab Supervisor — Tom McLaughlin
Animatronics Engineer — John Coppinger
Wardrobe Supervisor — Ron Beck
Costume Supervisor — Mary Elizabeth Still
Wardrobe Mistress — Janet Tebrooke
Shop Manager — Jenny Green
Jeweler — Richard Miller
Creature Costumers — Barbara Kassal, Edwina Pellikka, Anne Polland and Elvira Angelinetta
Assistant Property Master — Charles Torbett
Property Supervisors — Dan Coangelo and Brian Lofthouse
Property — Holly Walker and Ivan Van Perre
Propmakers — Bill Hargreaves and Richard Peters
Master Carpenter — Bert Long
Master Plasterer — Kenny Clarke
Master Painter — Eric Shirtcliffe
Supervising Rigger — Red Lawrence
Supervising Stagehand — Eddie Burke
Sail Co-Ordinators — Bill Kreysler and Warwick Tompkins
Sails Engineering — Derrick Baylis and Peggy Kashuba
Assistant Film Editors — Steve Starkey, Conrad Buff, Phil Sanderson, Nick Hosker, Debra McDermott and Clive Hartley
Sound Effects Editors — Richard Burrow, Teresa Eckton and Ken Fischer
Dialogue Editors — Laurel Ladevich, Curt Schulkey, Bonnie Koehler and Vickie Rose Sampson
Assistant Sound Editors — Chris Weir, Bill Mann, Gloria Borders, Suzanne Fox, Kathy Ryan, Nancy Jencks and Mary Helen Leasman
Re-Recording Mixers — Gary Summers, Roger Savage, Ben Burtt and Randy Thom
Re-Recording Engineer — Tomlinson Holman
Boom Operators — David Batchelor and David Parker
Sound Assistants — Shep Dawe and Jim Manson
Audio Engineers — T.M. Christopher, Catherine Coombs, Kris Handwerk, K.C. Hodenfield, Howie, Tom Johnson, Brian Kelly, James Kessler, Susan Leahy, Robert Marty, Scott Robinson, Dennie Thorpe and John Watson
English Lyrics — Joseph Williams
Huttese Lyrics — Annie Arbogast
Ewokese Lyrics — Ben Burtt
Special Effects Supervisor — Roy Arbogast
Special Effects Foreman — William David Lee
Special Effects Floor Controller — Ian Wingrove
Senior Effects Technician — Peter Dawson
Chief Electronics Technician — Ron Hone
Wire Specialist — Bob Harman
Location Special Effects — Kevin Pike and Mike Wood
Choreographer — Gillian Gregory
Location Choreographer — Wendy Rogers
Production Accountant — Colin Hurren
Assistant Accountants — Sheala Daniell and Barbara Harley
Location Accountants — Diane Dankwardt and Pinki Ragan
Transportation Co-Ordinator — Gene Schwartz
Transportation Captains — John Feinblatt and H. Lee Noblitt
Studio Transportation Managers — Vic Minay and Mark La Bonge
Location Contact — Lennie Fike
Still Photographers — Albert Clarke and Ralph Nelson, Jr.
Unit Publicist — Gordon Arnell
Assistant Publicist — June Broom
Research — Deborah Fine
Minature And Optical Effects Unit — Industrial Light And Magic
Art Director-Visual Effects — Joe Johnston
Optical Photography Supervisor — Bruce Nicholson
General Manager, Ilm — Tom Smith
Production Supervisor — Patricia Rose Duignan
Matte Painting Supervisor — Michael Pangrazio
Modelshop Supervisors — Lorne Peterson and Steve Gawley
Animation Supervisor — James Keefer
Supervising Visual Effects Editor — Arthur Repola
Effects Cameramen — Don Dow, Michael J. McAlister, Bill Neil, Scott Farrar, Selwyn Eddy, Michael Owens, Robert Elswit, Rick Fichter, Stewart Barbee, Mark Gredell and David Hardburger
Assistant Cameramen — Pat Sweeney, Kim Marks, Robert Hill, Ray Gilberti, Randy Johnson, Patrick McArdle, Peter Daulton, Bessie Wiley, Maryan Evans, Toby Heindel, David Fincher and Peter Romano
Production Co-Ordinators — Warren Franklin and Laurie Vermont
Optical Printer Operators — John Ellis, David Berry, Kenneth Smith, Donald Clark, Mark Vargo and James Lim
Optical Line-Up — Tom Rosseter, Ed L. Jones, Ralph Gordon and Philip Barberio
Lab Technicians — Tim Geideman, Ducan Myers and Michael Moore
Production Illustrator — George Jenson
Matte Painting Artists — Chris Evans and Frank Ordaz
Matte Photography — Neil Krepela and Craig Barron
Stop Motion Animator — Tom St. Amand
Chief Model Makers — Paul Huston, Charles Bailey, Michael Glenn, Fulmer and Ease Owyeung
Model Makers — William George, Marc Thorpe, Scott Marshall, Sean Casey, Larry Tan, Barbara Gallucci, Jeff Mann, Ira Keeler, Bill Beck, Mike Cochrane, Barbara Affonso, Bill Buttfield, Marghi McMahon and Randy Ottenberg
Head Effects Animators — Garry Waller and Kimberly Knowlton
Effects Animators — Terry Windell, Renee Holt, Mike Lessa, Samuel Comstock, Rob La Duca, Annick Therrien and Suki Stern and Margot Pipkin
Visual Effects Editors — Howard Stein, Peter Amundson and Bill Kimberlin
Assistant Visual Effects Editors — Robert Chrisoulis, Michael Gleason, Jay Ignaszewski and Joe Class
Supervising Stage Technician — Ted Moehnke
Stage Technicians — Patrick Fitzsimmons, Bob Finley Iii, Ed Hirsh, John McLeod, Peter Stolz, Dave Childers, Harold Cole, Merlin Ohm, Joe Fulmer and Lance Brackett
Pyrotechnicians — Thaine Morris and Dave Pier
Supervisor-Still Photography — Terry Chostner
Still Photographers — Roberto McGrath and Kerry Nordquist
Electronic System Designers — Jerry Jeffress and Kris Brown
Electronic Engineers — Mike Mackenzie and Marty Brenneis
Computer Graphics — William Reeves and Tom Duff
Equipment Engineering Supervisor — Gene Whiteman
Machinists — Udo Pampel and Conrad Bonderson
Apprentice Machinists — David Hanks and Chris Rand
Design Engineer — Mike Bolles
Equipment Support Staff — Wade Childress, Michael J. Smith, Cristi McCarthy and Ed Tennler
Administrative Staff — Chrissie England, Laura Kaysen, Paula Karsh, Karen Ayers, Sonja Paulsen and Karen Dube
Production Assistants — Susan Fritz-Monahan and Kathy Shine
Steadicam — Garrett Brown
Ultra High Speed Photography — Bruce Hill Productions
Color Timers — Jim Schurmann and Bob Hagans
Negative Cutter — Sunrise Film, Inc.
Additional Optical Effects — Lookout Mountain Films, Pacific Title, Monaco Film Labs, California Film, Visual Concepts Engineering, Movie Magic and Van Der Veer Photo Effects


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