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The format.
The podcast is full of fun! It starts with the biggest and most interesting Disney related news stories. And we mean news from a reliable news source – not some dude’s blog. The show features a Top 7 list related to Disney and a feature segment on a ride, park or something else related to Disney. Feature segment examples include:

  • Compare Van Contrast – This segment looks at differences and similarities in a featured Disney attraction that exists in multiple parks around the world.
  • Van-n-Now – Where we take a look at an attraction that has changed over the years to compare what its been and what its become.
  • Plain ‘ol Featured Attraction – We’ll break down the whole experience of a featured attraction from getting to it to getting off it. But its not just a retelling of the attraction, its a whole new look at your favorite rides.

Each week we also end with audio from the featured attraction and, if you listen long enough, bloopers from the show. We also throw in lots of fun segments to keep it fresh and interesting.

The shows are an average of 30 minutes including the ending audio. Just enough to give you something to listen to on the way to work or school!

You’re in control.
The Netcot.Podcast features Chapters that allow you to easily skip around from segment to segment. That way, you can skip past parts you don’t want to hear or go back to your favorite segments quickly. (We use the iTunes format, which allows us to offer an enhanced podcast. You don’t need an iPod to listen, just something that will play “.m4a” files, like iTunes.)

Sounds great! How do I get it?

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