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Captain EO Returning to…Walt Disney World!

In a not surprising move, the Walt Disney World Company has decided to bring Captain EO back to Epcot on July 2 after seeing the popularity of the film at Disneyland’s Magic Eye Theater. The film will also be opening at Disneyland Paris on June 12 and Tokyo Disneyland on June 30.

Disney’s Magic Makers: Roy E. Disney

Roy Edward Disney was born to Roy Oliver Disney and Edna Francis Disney in Los Angeles on January 10, 1930 (and is their sole child). As a child, he traveled to the Studio where he viewed the films the animators were working on (i.e. “Snow White”, “Pinocchio”) and acted as a sounging board to his […]

Disney’s Magic Makers: Marc Davis

Welcome to the ninth, and last, Magic Makers post about Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men. An important note to make: there will be more posts in this series, but we’ll focus on other important people that have worked (or still work) at the Walt Disney Studios. This time, we’ll be focusing on Marc Davis. Marc […]

Disney Profits Take A Hit This Quarter

Disney has seen its profits fall in most sectors this quarter mainly due to poor performance at the box office according to the Finanicial Times. Operating income for Disney’s studios fell 97% to $13 million with DVD sales falling short for Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Bolt. Theme park attendance has remained steady but spending by […]

This Week in Disney History (November 2-8)

1895: Director, and Disney Legend, Ben Sharpsteen (Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo) is born in Tacoma, Washington. 1896: Illustrator Gustaf Tenggren (Snow White, Bambi, Pinocchio) is born in Vastergotland, Sweden. 1910: Executive, and Disney Legend, Irving Ludwig (president of Buena Vista Distribution during his 40 years at the Walt Disney Company). 1911: Actor Leonard Slye (aka Roy Rogers) (Melody Time, Pecos […]

Disney Legend Class of 2008 is Unveiled

The newest class of Disney Legends was unveiled this week. The list includes: Frank Gifford (TV Broadcaster) Toshio Kagami (CEO of the Oriental Land Company) Walt Peregoy (Animator: Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, The Sword in the Stone, Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book) Dorothea Redmond (Imagineer: New Orleans Square at Disneyland, Fantasyland) […]

Oriental Land Company Scraps Plans for New Disney Park.

Reuters is reporting that the Oriental Land Company (the company behind the Tokyo Disneyland Resort) has scrapped plans for another Disney park in Japan. The company’s sole decision against the park is that there were “poor prospects of the project’s investment returns.” The park would have been an “urban-style” theme park.

Celebration Vacation

Celebration Vacation is the newest Disney Parks promotion for 2009. Part of this promotion is that anyone can receive a one day Magic Your Way ticket for free on their birthday. Also included in the new promotion are new street parties, a Tomorrowland video dance party (WDW), a celebration barbecue and festive birthday party (Disneyland) […]

This Week in Disney History (August 31-September 6)

1902: Animator and Disney Legend William Norman Ferguson (created Pluto and the Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) is born in New York City, NY. 1903: Animator Hugh Harman (worked on the Alice Comedies and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit) is born in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. 1905: Animator, Disney Legend, and one of the […]

And Disney’s Chief Magic Official is…

(News | Source: Press Release) Today, the Chief Magic Official was announced. After several months of grueling competition among 1,300 other candidates and online voting, Disney Parks and today announced that Justin Muchoney from Seven Fields, Pa., is the first-ever Disney Parks Chief Magic Official (CMO) . Muchoney was one of three CMO finalists, […]

Tokyo Disneyland turns 25

(News | Source: Associated Foreign Press) On April 15, 1983, the first Disney theme park outside of the continental United States opened. It was designed by Walt Disney Imagineers to look like its sister park in Florida and the mother park in California and named Tokyo Disneyland. It is made up of the World Bazaar, […]

Teenager wins Grand Marshal World Tour prize

(News | Source: Orlando Sentinel) As part of the Year of a Million Dreams, a Eustis, FL teenager has won the chance to be the Grand Marshal in a parade at each of the Disney Parks around the world. His tour of duty starts Wednesday as the teenager and his family join the parade at […]

Tokyo Disneyland Parade Canceled Due To Float Breaking Apart

(News | Source: AP) The Buzz Lightyear float broke apart on Wednesday during the Disney Dreams On Parade at Tokyo Disneyland causing the park to cancel the rest of the parade. A 660 pound steel pillar with colorful planets broke off from the float and landed yards away from children lined up to watch the […]

Joyce Carlson, Artist Behind ‘It’s A Small World’, Dies At 84

(News | Source: Orlando Sentinel) Joyce Carlson, the artist behind it’s a small world, has passed away at 84. Carlson worked on the coloring of Lady and the Tramp and created many of the doll characters for it’s a small world. She passed away Wednesday at her home in Orlando. Carlson originally was hired at […]

Spectrum (Rayovac) To Supply Batteries To Disney Parks

(News | Source: Reuters) Spectrum Brands, maker of Rayovac batteries, signed a three-year deal with the Walt Disney Company making it the exclusive supplier of batteries to all Disney theme parks. Additionally, they have the right to use Disney characters in marketing and promotions. Discuss this on the Netcot forums