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Netcot is about to reboot. Join now to stay up-to-date with all the goings-onzes. … Whatever. Just join, you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

Long time no see!

Hi. I’m Van. Just wanted to drop everyone a quick note to say hi and let you know that I haven’t forgotten about the podcast, but also don’t have an ETA on when it’ll be back. Between family, work and … eh… more work, things are a bit chaotic right now. But keep watching – […]

ADRs On-line: Coming soon!

As early as mid-November of this year, you’ll be able to make ADRs (advanced dining reservactions) via an on-line website utility. An unnamed source close to The Walt Disney Company has confirmed that the system is currenlty in beta testing and will be launched this fall. This system will allow guests to make reservations via […]

Brittany Murphy No Longer The Voice Of Tinker Bell In New Disney Films

(Newsish | Source: Show Biz Spy) The Show Biz Spy is reporting that Brittany Murphy has been released by Disney and will no longer be the voice of Tinker Bell in the upcoming movie. She was hired in 2006 to provide the voice in the upcoming animated film but has been replaced by 19 year […]

It’s a Small World – I have no problem with that

(Editorial | Source: Disney) This week, a letter from Marty Sklar the Executive Vice President for Walt Disney Imagineering, appeared on Disney fan sites all over the internet. The letter (found here) states that Sklar and others at WDI have been carefully considering what to do with the classic “Its a Small World” attraction for […]

Disney Adding Characters To “it’s a small world” At Disneyland

(Rumor/News | Source: TMZ) According to TMZ, Disney will be adding signature characters to “it’s a small world” at Disneyland in California. From people familiar with the plan, they will be adding characters like Abu (from Aladdin) to the Middle Eastern area, Nemo (from Finding Nemo) in the Undersea area and Stitch in the Polynesian […]

Disney Testing Using Nintendo DS As Interactive Guide In Parks

(News | Source: CVG) Disney is currently testing using a Nintendo DS as a interactive guide in the parks. Guests get a cartridge that contains the information and software from the park. The Disney system is fully GPS enabled and knows where you are located and displays a visual map and character locater. Like Pal […]

Space Ship Earth To Feature Apple’s Jobs But Not Woz

(Rumor | Source: Gizmodo) Spaceship Earth’s update is said to feature Steve Jobs creating the Apple Computer in his garage but does not include co-founder Steve Wozniak. The scene takes place in a garage with a bearded man working on an early prototype of a computer.

Woman Sprinkled Possible Cremated Remains In Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean

(News/Rumor | Source: Mercury News) The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride at Disneyland was shut down for 45 minutes last week when a woman sprinkled a powder onto the water. Officials were unable to discover what was poured into the water because it was dissolved too quickly. Several sources have indicated that the woman was […]

Disney Dining Experience Meals At Walt Disney World Will Include 18% Gratuity

(News | Walt Disney Company) After posting an article on titled ‘All Dining Transactions At Walt Disney World Will Include 18% Gratuity‘, We received an e-mail from Zoraya Suarez, A Disney Spokeswoman, indicating the included gratuity will only be for Disney Dining Experience members. Suarez additionally indicated that “this is not a policy change […]

All Dining Transactions At Walt Disney World Will Include 18% Gratuity

(News | Source: Disney Dining Experience Team E-mail) Starting January 1, 2008, an 18% gratuity will be added to all dining transactions at Walt Disney World. This new policy will affect all dining across the property including resorts and hotels no matter the size of the party. This was released in an e-mail sent out […]

‘Snow And The Seven’ increasing star power

(Rumor/News | Source: Cinema Blend) Both the Variety and The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that an upcoming movie, Snow and the Seven, will include actress Natalie Portman and actor Jet Li in an East-meets-West version of Snow White. Francis Lawrence is said to be the director for the film and Yuen Woon-Ping will be the […]

Britney, K-Fed to celebrate divorce at Disney World

(Rumor | Source: New Zealand Stuff) With Britney and Kevin’s divorce final, Ms. Spears wants to bring both her children and her ex-husband to Walt Disney World for a vacation. A source said, “Britney loves Disney and thinks it’s the perfect place for her and Kevin to show the children they are still a family.” […]

Disney to release ‘deal’ with Oklahoma tomorrow

(News | Source: Oklahoma City Journal Record) On July 31st, Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry will have a press conference with officials from Walt Disney World to announce a deal with the state. The deal is most likely going to be about the Oklahoma Heritage and History Exhibition that will be at Epcot September 28th — […]

Epcot “rededication ceremony” now in the works

(News | Source: Orlando Sentinel The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that a ‘rededication ceremony’ is being planned for the 25th anniversary of Epcot’s opening. It is said that Epcot is planning on having dignitaries such as Marty Sklar. Originally, Disney indicated that there was not going to be a celebration for the anniversary. A celebration […]