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The Journey to Pandora

In a surprising announcement, Walt Disney Imagineering announced today that a new land is coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom at WDW. You might be asking, “What is that new land?” and I would be tempted to trick you with Beastly Kingdom, but the truth is that Disney has teamed up with Lightstorm Entertainment to bring […]

Disney Buys Marvel [Again]

According to The Deadline, Disney has agreed to purchase Iron Man 3 and The Avengers from Paramount Pictures for the tidy sum of $115 million. Under the new deal, Disney gets distribution rights for the two aformentioned films while Paramount will retain distribution rights over Thor [May 6, 2011], Captain America [July 22, 2011], Iron […]

Disney Cuts ImageMovers

Remember Disney’s “A Christmas Carol” that premiered last December and made approximately $300 million? Apparently, it wasn’t enough to justify keeping ImageMovers Digital (the company behind the film) open. The Robert Zemeckis-run facility will finish work on “Mars Needs Moms!” before it closes. No word on how or if this will affect the development of […]

New Overlays Coming to WDW Monorails

In a somewhat surprising move, part of the Walt Disney World Monorail will be made to look like light-cycles in preparation for the upcoming “TRON: Legacy” movie. [Concept art below] The trains on the EPCOT line will get the TRON overlay as early as later this month (The film premieres on December 17, 2010).

Disney’s Miramax Label is No More

The offices of Disney’s Miramax label closed in New York and LA over the weekend, according to The Canadian Press. Although the offices have closed, there are about six films left to be distributed from the Miramax label by Disney through 2011. After that, it is not clear if Disney will hang on to the […]

Hannah Montana to End

Hannah Montana, star of the hit Disney Channel Series, will sing her swan song at the end of the fourth season, The New York Post reports. The 3rd season will conclude in March with an episode titled “Is Miley Saying Goodbye?” with the fourth season ending sometime in early 2011.

Top 7 Stories of 2009

As the final hours of 2009 and the decade pass by us, we here at wanted to share with you what we thought were the top stories (or news areas) of the year from around the Disney Company: 1) Transportation Woes (July 17) Two WDW Buses collide. The driver of one bus failed to stop […]

Captain EO is Returning to…

It’s official. Disneyland has announced that Captain EO (starring Michael Jackson) will return to Walt’s first theme park for a limited engagement. Beginning in February of 2010, the 3D film can be found in Tomorrowland.  “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” is scheduled to go down sometime in the next few weeks to make way for […]

Disney’s Magic Makers: Roy E. Disney

Roy Edward Disney was born to Roy Oliver Disney and Edna Francis Disney in Los Angeles on January 10, 1930 (and is their sole child). As a child, he traveled to the Studio where he viewed the films the animators were working on (i.e. “Snow White”, “Pinocchio”) and acted as a sounging board to his […]

Roy E. Disney Passes Away at 79

Roy Edward Disney, son of Roy O. and nephew of Walt, who led two revolutions that changed the company has passed away at the age of 79. Roy E. started as a director of nature films with the Disney Company before taking an administrative position after his uncle and father died, but was declined. He […]

Disney’s Magic Makers: Floyd Gottfredson

After a long hiatus, the Disney’s Magic Makers series is back! We return with a look at the Comic Strip side of the Studios. This week, we’ll focus on Floyd Gottfredson. Floyd Gottfredson was born in 1905 in Kaysville, Utah (in a railroad station where his parents lived). His father would regularly take him on […]

Tron Crew Gets Sucked Into Black Hole

Rich Ross has assigned the Tron: Legacy crew a new script to work on, and yes, it’s a remake of Disney’s 1979 The Black Hole. Tron Legacy’s director (Joseph Kosinkski), producer (Sean Bailey), and writer (Travis Beacham) will lead the reimagineering of the sci-fi cult classic. The film is going to serve as a replacement […]

Disney to Offer Refunds on Baby Einstein Videos

According to The New York Times, The Walt Disney Company is offering refunds for videos purchased between 2004 and 2009 because of claims that said videos did not improve infants’ intelligence and acted as nothing more than a mere video babysitter. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood lead the charge on this issue and went […]

Disney Promotes Richard Ross

Disney has promoted Richard Ross, the former President of the Disney Channel Worldwide, to replace Richard Cook as Chief of the Walt Disney Studios. Hopes for the new chief include developing franchises and using them to span across the company’s multiple businesses, dealing with new film technologies, and reviving a brand that has become somewhat […]

Disney/PIXAR Sued Over Luxo, Jr.

Disney/PIXAR is being sued by a Norweigian lighting company, Luxo, over upcoming sales of a Luxo Jr. toy with the Blu-Ray discs of Up. The Norweigian company claims sales of the desk-lamp character (as well as the walk-around character in Walt Disney World), created by John Lasseter in 1986, will be devestating to Luxo. The company […]