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You’re Not Alone #006

“Wiinders of Life” I haven’t been inside Epcot’s Wonders of Life pavilion for many years. My memories of it are few and far between. One recollection that stands out, however, is of a baseball game that was featured very early on in the pavilion’s history as a part of the Fitness Fairgrounds. A guest would […]

You’re Not Alone #005

“A Need for Clarification” Rather than serve as a catalyst for substantive and amusing community-driven discussions, the latest YNA segments have been misinterpreted as deliberately antagonistic. This has NEVER been my goal. My intent with #001 & #004 (in addition to intermittent future installments) was to build on an idea that would culminate in a […]

You’re Not Alone #004

“Snow In SoCal” Dandruff is a problem many, many of us face. I understand that it’s nothing to laugh at or look down upon. That being said, let me share a story from a recent Disney visit… One of my favorite parts of a trip to Disney is the first ride of the day. Of […]

You’re Not Alone #003

“Hooray for Hollywood!” I’m sure by now you’ve all heard and weighed in on the Disney-MGM name change. Come January 2008 we’ll all be able to enjoy Disney’s Hollywood Studios. From what I’ve read around the web, there are two main opinions regarding this change. Those in the first camp think the new name is […]

You’re Not Alone #002

“Yes, They’re Real” Disney does things well. Attractions are meticulously themed. Shows, both on stage and off, are spectacular. Fireworks displays are breathtaking. Even their waste management is handled with a distinctive panache. And parades? As much as I try to avoid them, I must admire Disney’s unparalleled production values. Except in one, er, two […]

You’re Not Alone #001

“Entertainment Value” I’m halfway through a typical 60-minute wait for Disneyland’s Space Mountain. In front of me, the back of a twelve-year-old boy’s head nods to a silent beat as the white buds of an iPod plug his ears. He inches along, following the line. As he turns into a switchback I notice a sleek […]