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Disney to Offer Refunds on Baby Einstein Videos

According to The New York Times, The Walt Disney Company is offering refunds for videos purchased between 2004 and 2009 because of claims that said videos did not improve infants’ intelligence and acted as nothing more than a mere video babysitter. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood lead the charge on this issue and went […]

Disney Profits Take A Hit This Quarter

Disney has seen its profits fall in most sectors this quarter mainly due to poor performance at the box office according to the Finanicial Times. Operating income for Disney’s studios fell 97% to $13 million with DVD sales falling short for Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Bolt. Theme park attendance has remained steady but spending by […]

This Week in Disney History (March 1-7)

1910: Actor David Niven (Candleshoe, No Deposit No Return) is born James David Graham Niven in London, England. 1914: Animator, and one of the Nine Old Men, Ward Kimball (Fantasia, Pinocchio, Dumbo) is born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1930: Animator Ub Iwerks leaves Disney to start his own Studios, only to return a few years later. 1932: Administrator, and Disney […]

This Week in Disney History (February 15-21)

1899: The wife of Walt Disney, Lillian Bounds, is born in Spalding, Ohio. 1904: Actor James Baskett (Uncle Remus in Song of the South) is born in Indianapolis, Indiana. 1907: Actor Cesar Romero (The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, Now You See Him, Now You Don’t, The Strongest Man in the World) is born in New York City. […]

This Week in Disney History (November 30-December 6)

1835: Writer Samuel Langhorne Clemens (i.e. Mark Twain) is born in Florida, Missouri. He can be found in Epcot’s American Adventure. 1901: December 5: Walter Elias Disney is born in Chicago, Illinois. 1903: Walt Disney’s only sister, Ruth Flora Disney, is born in Chicago, Illinois. 1927: Actor Robert Guillaume (Rafiki in The Lion King movies) is born in […]

Disney Improves Blu-Ray

During a presentation to unveil the new features of the Blu-Ray “Sleeping Beauty” disc, division president Bob Chapek described what Disney is calling BD Live technology. For “Sleeping Beauty,” this includes a menu backdrop that mirrors weather conditions in the viewer’s hometown, to onscreen chat rooms to chat with people watching the movie at the […]

And You Thought She Was a Pop Star Before…

(News | Source: High-Def Digest) What turned out to be one of the most successful “limited engagements” of this decade will be “popping” into stores near you late this summer. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus’ “Best of Both Worlds” Tour/3D Movie grossed about $40 million in theaters in early February. This will be Disney’s first venture to […]

Disney Sets Release Date For ‘Enchanted’ Blu-ray And DVD

(News | Source: High Def Digest) Disney is set to release Enchanted on March 18th on Blu-ray and DVD. Extras on the Blu-ray version will include three ‘making-of’ featurettes, deleted scenes, outtakes and interactive BD-Java game ‘D-Files.’ The Blu-ray disc is expected to retail for $34.98.

‘Finding Nemo’ To Be Released In Blu-ray This Year

(News | Source: AWN) Finding Nemo will be released this year on Blu-ray with new features. The disc will debut the first Cine-Explore which will feature full motion picture-in-picture of visual commentary with the directors and writers. Additionally, there are new BD-Java game titled Mr. Ray’s Ed-venture which is hosted by Dory, Marlin and Ray. […]

Disney Joins Apple’s iTunes For Movie Rentals

(News | Source: Silicon Alley Insider) Disney will officially announce in January at MacWorld that it will join Apple’s iTunes movie rental service. The service will allow users to rent downloaded movies for $2-$5 per day. Apple hopes the service will compete with Netflix, Blockbuster and On-Demand rentals.

Disney To Release ‘Enchanted’ On Blu-Ray Soon

(News | Source: Blu-Ray News) Disney issued a rare pre-announcement indicating that it will release Enchanted on Blu-ray around Easter (late March). The Blu-ray will include three making-of features, deleted scenes and outtakes. Additionally, it will include a game titled ‘D-Files’. The suggested retail price for the disc will be $34.98.

Disney Enters DVD Game Market

(News | Source: Toy News Online) Disney will release its first interactive DVD game on November 12, 2007, for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘High School Musical’. The Pirates game has players following the plot of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’, and completing challenges in order to find the missing pieces of their […]

Disney Investigating Issues with ‘Pirates’ Blu-ray

(News | Source: High-Def Digest) In Disney’s release of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, there seems to have been issues with the framing of the film that were not present in the DVD version of the movie. The movie was one of the most highly-anticipated Blue-ray releases and earned high […]

Walt Disney Co. Demands Retraction From University of Washington

(News | Source: The Consumerist, Baby Einstein Press Release) The University of Washington’s Dr. Dimitri Christakis and Dr. Frederick Zimmerman claimed in a press release that a study showed that every hour per day a infant watched ‘Baby Einstein’ that they knew six to eight less words than other children. Walt Disney Company CEO Bob […]

Disney’s Magical Blu-ray Tour

(News | Source: USA Today) Disney’s Magical Blu-ray Tour is an interactive presentation, sponsored by Panasonic, which will be on a road tour through 18 malls between August 17th and December 23rd. The presentation will include widescreens, video-games, movie stations and a mini-theater. The goal of the presentation is to show off the features of […]