Netcot’s mission is to bring you the interesting and usual facts and news regarding everything Disney in a way that’s fun, honest and entertaining. We believe Disney news should only come from reliable sources and that Disney fans can have fun while being respectful of ┬áhonesty and constructive criticism from others.

NETCOT.com (the interNET Community Of Tomorrow) is the brainchild of Van and Chainsaw, two crazy kids that enjoyed family vacations to Disney (land and world) so much that they decided to put up a website all about it … circa 1994. The site has changed several times since it debuted, but one thing hasn’t changed… this site will always be dedicated to our parents. Thank you mom and dad, we love you.

Legal Stuff:

Netcot.com not associated in any way, shape or form with the Walt Disney Company. We do not claim to own rights to any of the items mentioned in this site, rather, we seek to promote “Disney” and their products. If we have posted something on our site that is copyrighted by you, please inform us and we will immediately remove it (pending proof, of course … we can’t have every other site out there claiming that its THEIR picture of Cindy’s Castle.)

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