Netcot #162 – DCA Updates

I’m back. This week’s show features some feedback on the DCA updates after the billion dollar makeover. I also sort of
invent a problem, then solve it (Top 7 Rides that Could Replace Norway in Epcot). Also, every single news story that’s happened since I’ve been gone… or just a few from this week. Enjoy.

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Reader Comments

Welcome back! Don’t be a stranger, y’hear?

Whoo hooo! Welcome back free awesome stuff that I didn’t make or pay for!

You do sound more mature…. or sick .. or something 😎
I’d say to replace Norway with that land from Frozen…. what was it, again?

Thanks and welcome back.

Welcome back to podcasting, Van! Your sense of humor has been sorely missed. Do feel free to do whatever it takes to keep the shows coming. We’ll enjoy whatever we can get. :>

Great ep. Hope to hear more soon

Welcome Back We couldn’t be happier!

Alas, the non-Apple mp3 still isn’t working in the feed.

Ha haaaa ha! SERIOUSLY funny. Missed you, man. Welcome back.

OMG!!! I never ever thought I would be able to listen to a new episode of your awesome show! Simply a joy to listen to. Professional, fun, all around amazing!

Please keep on cranking ’em out!

Welcome back! It’s been way too long – don’t take 3+ years before you do another one, please!

I’ve waited sooo long for the next episode and I’m glad Netcot back!!!! The comeback episode did not disappoint. Hoping for daily Netcot releases now. Keep em’ comin Van. Go Texas!

Hey, you did a podcast, wow! Seriously, that was great! Hoping you can get around to doing another one day soon.

And, as a Texan, I approve of your Top 7 list. Completely unexpected, but completely legit!

Welcome back……about time 🙂

i missed you van, thanks for following up

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