We WILL Return… Friday!

THANK YOU to everyone who’s checked back here, followed on Twitter & Facebook and continued to subscribe to the Netcot Podcast. I appreciate your patience during my very long hiatus.

But enough of that… I’m back. Friday Jan. 31, 2014.

(Shhhh… show is out there now, just hidden, for those of you who know how to get it.)

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Reader Comments

What?!?!?! Now way!!! NETCOTTERS ASSEMBLE!!!


Rock On!

Yea came wait for the new episode!!!!!!!

WOAH. Merry late Christmas, I guess. At any rate, welcome back, Van — I was a late arriver to the Netcot scene, as I started listening right when you stopped making new episodes, but I’m extremely excited to see what’s next. Thanks for making a comeback!

I was so excited to see the Netcot podcast pop up with a new episode in my feed. What’s that #1 for next t NetCot??? OMG a new episode! So excited.