What’s next?

If Netcot could be defined in one word, I think the word would have to be: reincarnations. Prepare for another one. Soon.

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Reader Comments

Change is Always Good!

I am ridiculously excited!

Bring it on my friend! We are ready!

Have always loved the show, Netcot day was my favorite commuting day. Appreciated the pace, humor, and even the occasional wrestling aspect of the show. It’s funny, but when a good podcast (or TV series) stops, it is like losing a friend.
It will be good to hear you back on my friend

It has been far too long! How soon is soon??? (This is not a hypothetical question.)

our who family is waiting.

I came here to see what’s happening…

Any chance we can see a time frame for the next episode then?

What’s the hold up, Van?

The crowd is growing restless…

Yes!!!!! Netcotters ASSEMBLE!!!!


Can’t wait for you to come back Van! The podcast world has missed you! 🙂

Is it soon yet?

Dunno, but it looks worse than just, “pining for the fjords”

Soon???? Hmmmm guess I should’ve gotten a FASTPASS :/

Van, we are about to join D23. Would you get any credit if we list you as the referrer?

Love the podcast! Hope to hear more soon!

Hello. Tap Tap Tap. Is this thing on?

Van, please bring the show back!!!!!!!