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Netcot is about to reboot. Join now to stay up-to-date with all the goings-onzes. … Whatever. Just join, you’ll be glad you did. :)

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For real? Don’t tease me bro’

Enjoyed your guest spot on WDW Today the other day. It made me wonder if you were coming back. I was expecting an anouncement and was bummed when it didn’t happen. Rock on!(sooner than later)

Ok, I’ll hang around a bit. Like the smokers under the bleachers.

ハワイ chanel

14216Jan6f30b4 3d2Ok I did recieve the email but over 1 and a half hour after I reitsgered. Now I see 3 mails from IndiBlogger My blog Hash being approved, One from your support team, saying that they are looking into the matter, and a third one with the activation link. Now if I even click the activation link, it’s of no use. My account still doesn’t get activated. It shows me this message -Oops! Your email id is reitsgered with IndiBlogger however it looks like your account has not been activated. Possible reasons could be:You just reitsgered, and our moderators haven’t approved your listing as yet.Old jungle saying Good things come to those who wait.Your listing was rejected because it did not comply with our submission guidelines.We messed up. Post a comment on our blog and rant a bit so we can help you out. fe