Long time no see!

Hi. I’m Van.

Just wanted to drop everyone a quick note to say hi and let you know that I haven’t forgotten about the podcast, but also don’t have an ETA on when it’ll be back. Between family, work and … eh… more work, things are a bit chaotic right now. But keep watching – something will happen someday. (How’s that for being specific!?)

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Reader Comments

I’m ready for it. The last time I got to listen was at my old house, while mowing the lawn. That house was burgled twice by a neighbor punk, whom the police couldn’t do anything to.
Now we’re in a different, more peaceful, place and just got back from WDW. I need to reassociate the podcast with a better place.
Take me to a better place, Van.
Take me to a better place.

Hi Van,

Will you be able to reinstate the previous episodes in the meantime? I just re-subscribed and find that #41 and later are not found. 🙁

Good to hear from you Van. Looking forward to the next podcast. Thanks for the update and Rock on!

Rock on!!

Van it will be nice to see you come back. If you ever want to come on out podcast and just talk about Disney when you have time feel free to contact me.

Hey Van,
It’s funny, but I still keep routinely checking the iTunes podcasts from Netcot to see if there is anything new there. Nope, still Netcot #161 World of Color. Sounds like you’ve really got your hands full with family etc.. That’s understandable. Perhaps you could pop into WDW Today or one of the other podcasts occasionally for a guest spot if putting together a whole podcast takes too much time. Just a thought. Rock On! (P.S. It’s my daughters birthday today, so Happy Birthday Tay.)