Forum Update

Hey everyone!

I just shut down (temporarily) the message board forums. In the last several weeks they have been attacked with spam and ads (not sure how the people behind that think that some of those ads would be relevant to THIS audience, but whatever). I’ll be working on cleaning/fixing them for the future.

… and I’m officially working on a new episode for the Netcot Podcast.


What do you mean “what’s the Netcot Podcast?” Really? Has it been that long. Doh. I’m sorry! 😉




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Reader Comments

Wait a new episode of the podcast? This is Gona be awesome! Can’t wait to listen to it!!

Hi Van, thanks for the update and thanks for looking at the forums. I like looking at the show notes from the older podcasts, and in the forum’s current state it’s difficult to use. I can’t wait for the new episode and will be anxiously watching.

w00t! Thanks a ton, Van! After that hiatus and the forums miserable state, there aren’t many people who’d be willing to give it another go! Thanks again!

Would love to see you bring the podcast back even if it’s for short episodes. I think you have a great sense of humor and would welcome whatever you put out. Keep in touch.

Agree with everyone! I’ve been listening to other podcasts since the Netcot hiatus (and relistening to old episodes) but I must say Netcot was always the highlight of my week. Your podcasts are just so much more entertaining. I totally get that you have other (more important) obligations in your life, but it would be great to hear an occasional podcast!

New episode of the podcast?!!!
YES!!! Thank you Van!
(And yes, it really has been that long!)

Agree with previous comments. The podcast was always one of my favorites. Miss it terribly & hoping it comes back very soon.

Hey Van! Please come back – missing your podcasts!

I want my subscription fee back!… Oh, wait a minute… that’s right… this is free. Hmm, okay, how about this: Van, I’d like to pay for your content!

In all seriousness, the production value and the overall content of your podcast is excellent… and sorely missed. Would love even a short ‘cast from Netcot, if you can manage to squeeze one out.

We’re all missing Netcot!

Bring back the podcast, Van!

I know, it’s not a living, but it is a life! I can’t tell you how much enjoyment they brought me over the last few years.

Is there any way to consider a really low-cost subscription, so people could support you with this?

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