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Van here…

Hi. Its been a while. No, I haven’t forgotten about you – trust me, I haven’t. I’ve been busy — very busy. I’ve been working on some exciting new things in my professional life and I’m getting closer to a point where I can unveil what I’ve been working on, but not quite yet.

I just wanted to let you all know that I’m still around, doing well, and will be back in some capacity to the whole “Netcot” thing. It might not be as regularly as it used to be (at least for a while) but it will be just as much fun. So stay tuned, stop in from time to time and I’ll try to give you all some fun updates whenever possible. In the mean time, I post something on Twitter just about every day – so feel free to follow me there.

So that’s my story at the moment. How are you?

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I miss you Van! Okay, that sounds weird… alright, how’s this: I miss Netcot! In all seriousness, glad your career is doing well, and glad you’re still interested in providing a quality podcast for us junkies. Safe travels, and don’t be a stranger. Rock on.

Van! It’s great to hear from you. I want you to know that I’m still working my way through the old podcasts (see my message on the message boards a couple of months ago) and that I ordered a “I bring my own character to breakfast” t-shirt a couple of weeks ago. Can’t wait to show my family, they’re going to be jealous! I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been working on. Selfishly speaking I hope you’ve been converting your podcast into your professional life. If only it were so easy! Seriously, the podcast is by far the best Disney fix I’ve found and I love the info. Thanks for the update and keep us posted.

I never post, comment, twitter, etc anything online so for me to comment right now is like once in a lifetime for me. I miss your show very much. I have listened to all your podcasts and love them. A new podcast update from you is like GOLD to me and I look forward to the day that we have new updates regularly once again. Thanks for bringing so much passion and creativity to the podcasts. If you ever need anything in the state of SC let me know (as though I own the whole state). Thanks Van!


van i cant wait for you to unveil your secret plans you have been doing. But i really hope that i can hear some more podcasts. I absolutely love them! Keep it up and rock on!!!

Van, All is well apart from the lack of Netcot. I really really miss the podcast. I have been listening to the old ones and do so while designing my Disney logos. Your podcast is like GOLD seriously. It can never be compared to any other. Can’t wait for more! Rock on.


Hey, Van! It’s great to know that you’re still here and doing well! Your podcasts always cheer me up when I’m having a bad day!

I was wondering what the heck is going on over on the boards!? So much porn and drug ads are on there now the boards are practically unusable! If you’ve got some major, earth-shattering news that you keep hinting at, you better get it out soon! This ship’s tanking fast…..:(

Hey you might want to check out the message boards if you have a chance. Unfortunately, there has been some spam on the message boards.

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