Netcot #161 – World of Color

This week’s episode is sponsored by Orlando Stroller Rentals.

This week’s show features a (pro) look at the new World of Color attraction at Disney’s California Adventure. It then features a (con) look at the new World of Color attraction at Disney’s California Adventure. Its kind of like two episodes for the price of one.

Have you seen World of Color? What do you think?

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You really hit the nail on the head with part two of this weeks podcast. I have ranted about WOC both before and after seeing it. Since I can’t see fireworks for the backs-of-kids-on-shoulders, I knew in advance I would have to be very lucky to catch a good view … but I really resent being held over a barrel to get expensive dining package to maybe get to see it. (didn’t pan out either $$!!) Grumpy-making. We also really loved the Tron part, especially since most of the parents had tired out by then and we could actually see it. Don’t get me started on the bummer of trying to remove a stroller from the area post-show! Like your fix for the show, but don’t know what they’ll do about their expensive crummy viewing venue. Keep up the good work.

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