O Canada! film update in the works

(News | Source Ottawa Citizen)

The film, O Canada!, is currently being updated and a new film to be released. The current 18 minute film was originally put together in 1982 and has become an embarrassment for Canadian tourism officials due to how out dated it is. The Canadian Tourism Commission has a steady stream of complaints filed about the film from Canadians returning from visiting Walt Disney World.

The new show is rumored to be released on August 25th and will feature Canadian Idol winner Eva Avila and Martin Short. Walt Disney World spokeswoman Angela Saclamacis will not comment on the film but has said “we are expecting some good things over at Epcot … but we’re not prepared to announce anything officially at this time.” Disney’s website indicates that the show is down for ‘refurbishment’ from August 20th to the 24th. Additionally, Eva Avila’s manager said that she has recorded a new theme song for the pavilion.

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