Netcot #166 – Ways to get your Disney Fix

This week we look at a Top 7 ways to get your Disney fix (between vacations). We also have news from around the world… Disney World.

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Netcot #165 – Short Sticks (Epcot Edition)

This week we look at a Top 7 list/feature all about the top things in Epcot that got the short stick (aka – things that got screwed).  We have the answers to last week’s study group test and of course, news from around the world of Disney.

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Special note: there was no study group or test. That was a joke. That said, you’re welcome to START your own Netcot study group. Sound like fun. I’ll be there! What time? And at who’s house?

Netcot #164 – Magic Band Future

This week’s show features a look at what the future might hold for Magic Bands, or at least the technology from which they are are based. Top 7: (Significant) Things to happen since I’ve been gone. News from around the world of Disney.

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Netcot #163 – The BEST Disney Thing (feat. Chainsaw)

Woah. This show is a big one!’s very own Chainsaw breaks decades (literally) of silence from and comes back for this amazing show where he and Van debate what single thing is THE BEST thing in ANY Disney theme park anywhere in the world!


Netcot #162 – DCA Updates

I’m back. This week’s show features some feedback on the DCA updates after the billion dollar makeover. I also sort of
invent a problem, then solve it (Top 7 Rides that Could Replace Norway in Epcot). Also, every single news story that’s happened since I’ve been gone… or just a few from this week. Enjoy.

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We WILL Return… Friday!

THANK YOU to everyone who’s checked back here, followed on Twitter & Facebook and continued to subscribe to the Netcot Podcast. I appreciate your patience during my very long hiatus.

But enough of that… I’m back. Friday Jan. 31, 2014.

(Shhhh… show is out there now, just hidden, for those of you who know how to get it.)

What’s next?

If Netcot could be defined in one word, I think the word would have to be: reincarnations. Prepare for another one. Soon.

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Disney Parks … now with Starbucks

Let’s face it: coffee at Disney parks isn’t the best … at all. Even Kona at the Polynesian is “just ok.” Today, Starbucks and Disney announced a deal which will result in a coffee shop being open in one of their 6 U.S. based theme parks. The first one will open this summer in Disney’s California Adventure park. The companies said that the stores will blend into the theme of the parks. For example, the first store will be called “Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Cafe” (based on the Three Pigs story) and will not feature the Starbucks logo (but will have the company’s name shown in text on the building).

Long time no see!

Hi. I’m Van.

Just wanted to drop everyone a quick note to say hi and let you know that I haven’t forgotten about the podcast, but also don’t have an ETA on when it’ll be back. Between family, work and … eh… more work, things are a bit chaotic right now. But keep watching – something will happen someday. (How’s that for being specific!?)

No More Happy Hauntings

For almost a decade, guests have traveled to Downtown Disney on Oct 30 and 31 for a chance at free trick-or-treating and fun Halloween experiences. Walt Disney World has announced that the Happy Hauntings event has been canceled due to detracting from the overall guest experience. Disney still plans to have Halloween and Fall-themed events, including some surprises.

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